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Choosing a Portable Storage Provider


There are a number of important factors to consider in choosing a portable storage provider but in general they boil down to a handful of simple concepts:

Price and Affordability - Price is the main objective. Affordability is the combination of all the costs and all your time and effort divided by the amount of storage space you need.

Security - Your stuff is important. You need to know how secure your container is, how it will be delivered and how it will be treated while in storage.

Customer Service - Honesty and a willingness to serve are important factors. Find out whether you will be well served or treated like another number. Research and references are the only way to find out. I could tell you, but not here...

Portable storage is a growing and evolving industry. There are a lot of variations out there. Its important that you spend a little time to make sure you understand your options before choosing your provider.

Determine Your Needs - First and foremost, you need to understand your situation, how much stuff you have, how long you need storage for, whether you need help with manual labor, how far you plan to move if at all, how accessible your home or apartment is, and whether there are any restrictions on PODS type boxes in your area.

Find Local Providers - Start looking for providers in your area. Search the internet using Google or any search engine.

Call Several Providers - After researching online and possibly weeding out a provider or two and possibly adding a couple more to the list, call them directly. Try to talk to someone local. If someone local can't talk to you, be aware of future poor service potential. Ask them lots of questions. Explain exactly what you are trying to do. Find out how willing they are to adapt to your specific needs. If they are rigid, be aware of future unwillingness to work through any issues.

Get Written Quotes - Provide your email address and get at least 2 or 3 WRITTEN quotes that include EXACT DETAILS of your expected services. Be careful to solicit quotes on a per container basis for future evaluation or provide the same size or quantity information to all providers so that quotes can be fairly compared later. These quotes should include EVERYTHING, initial rent, delivery, ongoing rent, future deliveries, taxes, fees, property protection and so on. If the written quote includes only an initial charge and a monthly rent, be skeptical about other charges that they may not be sharing with you yet. Most importantly, make sure you are very specific about your future delivery location as this has a potential for significant costs that are not commonly discussed up front during initial booking.

Compare Costs Per Square Foot - Once you have several quality quotes, establish a likely duration of your storage needs. Extrapolate each quote to that duration including all delivery fees. Then divide each total cost result by the square feet provided to get a total cost per square foot of storage. This is the best way to get an accurate picture of what you are paying and getting in return. You may find that the cheapest quote is not actually the most cost effective.

Final Evaluation - Now you understand the cost per square foot of each provider. After talking with them and doing online research, you understand how their system works, how secure their system is and how they stack up on a customer service perspective. Its up to you to weigh each of these factors in choosing your provider.


What is the interior size of your portable storage unit?

This is critical in determining how many units you will need.

Don't rely on estimates of how many rooms they claim to hold because their estimates are entirely subjective and unreliable.

You may also need to know the door size if you have some larger items.

Keep in mind that a single larger unit may be easier to pack than several smaller units, especially if you have large items.

If they can't tell you the exact interior dimensions of their units, then move on to another provider or do some research.

What is the ongoing monthly rental fee for the unit?

This is not always as clear as it should be. Be very specific and make sure you understand the recurring charges.

Get all quotes in writing and be specific about all of your intentions including your final destination location.

What are the delivery fees for the unit, including transfers and final deliveries?

Delivery fees can sometimes be buried in the quotes and difficult to determine.

Make sure you understand there are commonly 2 trips per delivery. Some providers charge per trip not per delivery.

Make sure you understand EXACTLY what the final delivery will be based on the location of your new home. Some providers include enormous fees if you move a certain distance or move to another franchise's territory. But they don't like to tell you this up front, only after they have your stuff and you want it back and they have your credit card number.

Are there taxes on the delivery or storage?

Some states allow use taxes to be paid when the storage provider purchases the storage equipment that you are effectively leasing. In turn, they do not charge you a tax when you lease the equipment. This saves you, the customer a significant amount and can vary from provider to provider in the same location. Make sure you know what the entire cost will be before you compare providers.

Are there any other fees that you haven't told me about?

Some portable storage providers have a number of fees and charges that they don't like to tell you about.

How much notice do you need to get my unit back?

When you want deliveries, you typically have a timeline you are working with. Your schedule is normally related to your job and getting time off to handle your transition. Or your schedule is more likely related to your real-estate transaction. Closing dates and occupancy dates mean something to you and are obviously very important. You need to make sure that your portable storage provider will be responsive to your schedule and to your needs. Some providers need a significant amount of time to arrange deliveries. Even then, some of those providers are not entirely responsive to meeting the schedules desired even after booking them with you. This can be a MAJOR inconvenience to you and effectively eliminates the value inherent in portable storage in the first place. Do some checking online for reviews and complaints about your possible providers and ask for recent references of actual customers to discuss this issue.

Do you pro-rate our final month?

In general, self storage is not pro-rated. If you are in storage a day past your anniversary date, you just bought another month. But it doesn't hurt to ask. But you have to ask up front, not at the last minute. My best advice is to plan your move-out a month in advance and inform your provider a month ahead of time and ask then about pro-rating. Your best result will likely be to get a 1/2 month pro-rated payment. Don't expect any better than that.

In addition to asking about pro-rating, be advised that some providers will bill you for the next month after your requested move-out date even if you requested to be moved-out but they couldn't deliver or pick up the container on your requested schedule. In other words, you end up paying them extra because they cannot stay on your schedule. Their delay costs you more money. Again research online reviews and check references for this problem.

Also you need to understand that you are not renting storage or paying for a storage service, you are leasing storage equipment. Your lease doesn't end on the day that your unit is delivered back to your home, it ends after you have emptied it and after the provider is scheduled to retrieve the empty unit. Do not assume that scheduling a delivery a day before your anniversary date, that you will not be charged the following month. If that "equipment" is in your driveway after your anniversary date, you are most likely going to pay for another month.

In closing, portable storage units are a convenient way to store or move your belongings. The storage container you rent should be well made and well maintained. Mobile storage units have many benefits at a relatively low storage container cost. Feel free to call Parkway Portable Storage with any questions you have and our professional staff will be delighted to help you out.

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